The Current State of Chakra Bridging



Four Chakra Bridging Challenges

The modeling of chakra bridging has no expertsonly basic beginners if we are honest about it.  Why is this not likely to change in a hurry?


  1. We’ve already had ages to develop chakra bridging and haven’t steadily progressed—if we’ve progressed at all. (We know when we are up against a bridging—or love connection—gap, and will instead busy ourselves with less challenging goals.
  2. We are not good at developing and earning personal energy trustability.
  3. We are prone to being manipulators and takers, rather than generous givers and scare each other into not wanting to fully share at all levels and to all depths.
  4. We are still so impressed with the role of a leader rising in all kinds of power—and not so much with the egalitarian role of being co-leaders sharing only ethically-earned power.


In grief souls get stretched to come up with chakra bridging solutions found at
When we are grief-stricken or chronically depressed we may be finally pushed to discover the kinds of necessary insights and enlightening breakthroughs that we previously stopped short ofor overlooked.

Relationship guidance by Thomas James Darling about chakra bridging, spiritual partnerships, and the paranting of children raised in a gender balanced environment.

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