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As I build this website, the information that follows may migrate to other pages or become the seeds for separate essays.  But here and now, I am letting my concerns and dreams pour out of me.  Every day I pay attention to what is present and what is missing—the latter all the more daunting because it is so resistant to change.  We all cope in different ways, many of us tune out or deny what is most troubling.  Others like me, so aware of remedies and solutions for the love deficit, use what is missing as a continuous motivator to bring forth the love undone.

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Despite all that we do to partner or coordinate our lives with one another—all this effort largely occurs below the heart level—so our love is continually less than half alive.  We are stressed by too much going on below that isn’t balanced and mediated by higher wisdom that will guide our evolution into right livelihood.  Our persistent sub-heart investments—including conscious and unconscious conditioning, dys-connection, manipulation, and control—keep us locked out of the love and right livelihood possible.

By becoming more fully chakra-empowered in partnerships we can sustain an upshift in co-creative tension that lifts the sub-heart lid for all of us similarly aligned.  This is only wishful thinking unless we disinvest from what is limiting us and materially entrapping us.  And meanwhile, from fear or habit, we keep cocooning or enbubbling ourselves in dense investments defensively—or to further sub-heart ambitions.  So the quality of our partnering suffers, and we avoid doing enough  about it—feeling stuck in what we have got and making the best of it—or splintering and applying band-aids to the gaps—if anything at all.

Not having more ideal partners to activate and ignite each other’s love provides an ongoing reminder of just how much more responsible we need to be to manifest the love left undone—the love that will fulfill life at the deepest level.  Let’s all recognize that the “shortfall” is in our court and that the larger universe is waiting for us to return the “serve”.Unlocking our chakra love leaves less love undone. Copyright Thomas James Darling

In what follows I explain why this is no easy accomplishment for any of us.  Often our trust requirements for most goals are relatively limited or  circumscribed.  However, major planetary healing requires a level of trustability that must expand in stride with each cycle of increased empowerment and responsibility.  Otherwise new opportunities and freedoms will be squandered or misappropriated in all too familiar ways.

In this world of big moves and power plays, and technophilia up the yin-yang,  we keep forgetting that we are mostly only half-awake.  Most of what we do and think about is centered below our heart—below the center of our chakra system.  We are bottom heavy and don’t like to admit it.  We exploit or further indulge it—or try to jump above it—or recoil in denial.  Or we strive for success so limited—it can actually distract us from the success that is most essential and overdue.

Widespread fear, distrust, and violence keeps us chronically shut downdespite redemptive efforts.  Our chakra system offers a path out of this sub-heart imprisonment—if we are willing to take the necessary purification and preparation steps.   Most of us have invested so heavily in something else already that we justify or excuse staying primarily in that reality.  We are taught or conditioned to build and maintain identities that fall short of heart-centeredness, rather than aspire to living full-spectrum connectedness made possible by completely activated chakra systems.

Only from functional full-spectrum partnerships can chakra bridging find a grounded chance to spread and accelerate.  So if this speaks to what you are preparing for—please message me through the main menu contact link with the details of what you can bring to this.  I recommend you become well versed in what is currently shared online and in books about chakras.  I do not currently have another author to especially recommend because in my opinion there is so much copying of  essentially the same ideas from one writer to another that what we see is a persistent learning plateau and a chakra bridging vaccum.

Without full-spectrum trustabilityour chakra systems stay shut down or backed off from one anotherexcept where they are encouraged to operate—below the heart.   There is a huge social and environmental cost to this dis-equilibrium—and underneath our denial—continual distress—if not veiled panic or hysteria—manifesting in all kinds of mental and physical health issues.  Instead of taking our chakra systems into chakra bridging realms that would accelerate the pace of family and planetary healing—we stop short of “having the f**k stop with us”—and largely choke on having the vision, courage, and dedication required to lift the sub-heart lid.

Missing supra-heart engagement allows a vibrational cage to remain around us trapping us under the heart chakra level where we are karmically challenged to reduce such unconscious sub-heart encagement.

Instead we stress out competing and battling for survival— or coveting greater wealth below which will become increasingly difficult to enjoy.  We even make plans to push our lidded selves into space unwelcomed and uninvited—as if we can afford to squander more precious resources polluting space while abandoning much of the needed clean-up here and now.

Once we start monitoring our chakra system in our everyday life we are in a better place to appreciate and get excited about the advanced healing that chakra bridging offers.  My inspiration focuses me on prevention–not the cure of serious illness already established.  In part this is because without more advanced modeling of healthy and functional chakra bridging all restorative healing efforts will necessarily lack essential focus.  Chakra bridging includes knowing more about where we could be going with our chakra energy and how to better balance it—rather than trying to “fix” problems without chakra system awareness.

Prevention awareness can help those suffering to visualize more functional chakra system integration within themselves and between loved ones and caretakers.  If you know people already committed to chakra awareness and who might be ready for more advanced learning perspectives—please link them to this site.   I do not participate in most of the current social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.,  so perhaps you may  spread the word in those ways—or can find your own other ways to do so.

I am interested to find out how much alignment we currently have for bringing more advanced chakra bridging awareness forward.   We won’t know what further healing chakra bridging emergence can offer without entering into the  required purification, preparation, and appropriate practice.

I encourage everybody to research chakra awareness and integration to whatever depth they wish to go.  However, for me personally, what I most desire to see is new collaboration as co-leaders who will partner non-competively and non-commercially to model more advanced chakra system bridging.

Here is an image of the chakra system within each of us as embodied spirits on earth, and how each chakra higher up provides a new awareness horizon to honor.
Each higher chakra provides a more elevated awareness horizon to love and responsibly honor. We learn to circulate around and within our ascending and descending chakra energy flow which we can extend both near and far between us.

Leading is relatively easy with a long history behind it.  Co-leading is far more challenging because we lack models for energetically sharing power.  These words will gain more significance as we become more aware of all the ways we still withhold sharing in the deepest ways—across the inter-body space—where our personal energy may be less protected and easily sustained.

Not having trusted energy sharing partners is  holding back our social evolution.  We posture sharing power politically and organizationally but we remain largely self enbubbled–double-bubbled in intimate relationships,  family en-bubbled, culture en-bubbled, etc.  So often we swing from being over en-bubbled and over-protected to being under-protected, unsupported, and vulnerable to being drained or betrayed.  Is this familiar enough to you to want to explore higher and more balanced options?

So often I see attempts to bridge that lack the purification and full-spectrum balanced chakra system activation required to truly co-lead and share mutual empowerment in the most inclusive way.  It is essential that we first understand our pitfalls and remedy them so we become more trustable.  With ourselves and others sufficiently purified, and committed to doing no harm (e.g., being vegan is important) we can co-lead and co-inspire chakra bridging emergence for all of us.

To inspire others to venture on this path of expanded awareness and responsibility requires living examples.  Only through such examples can larger public attention best gather.

Below is an old photo of me taken at a special moment.  I have it as my profile photo because I don’t easily tire of looking at it.   It is an energetic touchstone for me, going  back to the “early spring” of my chakra bridging life, where I want a part of me to always remain: within fresh re-beginnings.  These days I can go for weeks or longer without ever looking in a mirror.  I take everyone’s response to what I am up to as my most essential  mirror, and seek to understand what I can further do—or undo—for the reflection to become more supporting and full-spectrum!

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