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Sharing Power and Full-Spectrum Partnership Goals

As great as the internet is for exchanging and sharing viewpoints, there is so much repetition and sameness that become evident.  The challenges mentioned in the previous post, coupled with the commercialization of information sharing and trainings, and the tendency to wall off from less sensitive or energy-considerate people have set us on a seemingly endless plateau.

Missing are breakthrough chakra bridging partnerships that are engaged and full-spectrum enough to avoid succumbing to common pitfalls and delaying a clean emergence of the chakra bridging archetype.  Active way-showers need to partner with each other so the bridging can evolve and be sustained for generations to come.  This website focuses on the full-spectrum bridging possible when 2, 3, 4 levels of bridging is recognized as not enough to settle for, and we want to go all the way that is possible with someone.

Only from full-spectrum partnership modeling can the chakra bridging archetype’s emergence accelerate and spread.  So if this speaks to what you are preparing for—please message me through my contact link http:/bridges2love/contact/ with the details of what you can bring to this.  Let’s see what balanced full-spectrum alignment between partners can bring to the healing of this society and planet.

Please support this website and my work—ensuring much more will follow—with a PayPal donation in any amount:   https://www.paypal.me/ThomasJamesDarling

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Higher chakra bridging leaves less love undone (Thomas James Darling)
Higher chakra bridging leaves less love undone (Thomas James Darling)


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