Don’t Be Chakra Shy—Here’s Why!


Don’t be shy about becoming more sensitive to your chakras.  They don’t bite . . .  they only sometimes give us a stronger nudge or buzz vibrationally to wake us up to them. We would feel more like mush without them, and be a whole lot less functional.

Chakras are humanity’s natural love connectors.  They are potentially power equalizers over our earth’s entire human population because we all have them regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, income, or education.  No one can block our access to them but ourselves.

Our heart lies in the center of our 7-chakra energy system.  When our 3 major chakras above our heart play their natural role in intuitively guiding our 3 major chakras below our heart—we are able to keep our heart flowing and balanced.

When we love with all our chakras active, our love is full-spectrum, each chakra level radiating one of the 7 rainbow colors.  Loving chakra system to chakra system we rainbow bridge.

Our chakra system invites us to go beyond habits, scripts, and routines to achieve a more balanced, compassionate, and ethical way of life.  Accelerating our chakra awareness opens us up to activating abilities we forgot about or had stopped developing.  We are all in debt to the love left undone.  By our working with chakra-focused love our loving gets more powerfully precise.  Chakra-activated, we discover more advanced healing energies that we can draw upon within and share together.

Our chakra system sensitizes us to more levels of intuition so we now do more than lean in a particular direction—we shape and attract what we can be both alone and together—chakra level layer upon chakra level layer.  We can look at all our human interactions as corresponding to color and sound vibrations and levels of chakra activity.  To the extent that trust, devotion, empathy, and focused healing allows, we can be co-engaged as chakra bridging partners.

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