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Toward Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

About this site’s main function:

To support collaboration between chakra bridgers who are focused on all the chakras within the context of higher chakra guidance to heal self, each other, and the planet.

Contact protocol:

  • Be sure to do the basic chakra research available all over the web so you will know if you have the desire to support more advanced chakra bridging.
  • Fill out the contact form below to give me a clear idea of how far along you are in chakra attunement so I can respond in the most helpful way.
  • Consider how you can reciprocate for the work that went into this website.  Chakra bridging can’t be energetically sustained without reciprocation of some kind—passing the most vital information on—and inspiring the love you know can be.

Thank you for your participation.

While basic chakra information is searchable all over the web—chakra bridging information is best found here:

Here is simple way to support my work with a donation through PayPal:

Please use this PayPal link to make donations to Thomas James Darling donation link arrow



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