Bridges You Will Find

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BRIDGES TO LOVE  (So Close Can Seem So Far)

Bridges 2 Love are where you find them, and that is easy when you realize we have 7 major ones in the energy field of our own body!  How cool is that?  Very cool because we have been already using at least some of these bridges starting with our lower energy chakra centers, the root chakra, sex chakra, and solar plexus, and what would we do if we didn’t already have a nice heart center in the middle of the seven?

Above the heart, we find the throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra.  You may already know this very well, but since this is a website dedicated to advanced chakra wisdom and practice, you will find plenty of insights and suggestions to fire up your intuition even more.

Even for those who already vibe with their chakras consciously, there is more to discover on this website, particularly about being co-creative with them.  And for those new to chakras, we can read between the lines of more advanced teachings,, and intuitively pick up on living more chakra-wisely!


Relationship guidance by Thomas James Darling about chakra bridging, spiritual partnerships, and the paranting of children raised in a gender balanced environment.

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